Marriage and Schizophrenia

What’s it like being married to someone with schizophrenia? Well I guess you could say its like any other marriage. It has its ups and downs, good days and bad days. but mostly, it has, and needs, lots of love and compassion.

Like any marriage, its not an easy road, but man is it ever rewarding. My wife is still my wife, as she always will be. Between the hospital stays and psychotic episodes, which are getting fewer and farther between, there are moments with just as much power and love and devotion as any other marriage. Some couples have to deal with financial issues, others the death of a child. For us its mental illness, and I’m alright with that.

My wife’s diagnosis allows me to be helpful and stand by her in a way that’s unique to our marriage and situation. I talk her through psychosis, I help her keep track of medications, appointments, and everything in between. I also take her to the movies because I like to (even if its romance), I like to drive around with her and spend time together with our families. Our marriage is just as unique as any other marriage.

Sure, it can be stressful, but stress can accompany just about anything and everything I do in life. We love doing things like going to the zoo, or going out for dinner. Honestly the only real difference is that sometimes we have to take extra precautions. For example, we have walked out of restaurants or movies because sometimes its just too loud for my wife due to her schizophrenia. Other times we have to be prepared for the possibility of something that may trigger an episode. But for the most part its just as unique as any other relationship. We live, laugh, and love together on this journey known as life.

Is marriage involving a “disability” (I quote the word disability because I find it misleading but that’s a story for another day) for everybody? No, everybody handles these sorts of things differently. But for us it works. If you are really in love with somebody and are willing to go to hell and back for happiness together, then go for it.

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